Stress-Relief Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki

Stress Reduction For You

  • Do you feel stressed because you can’t accomplish all of your daily tasks?
  • Are you having a hard time reaching your goals or understanding what you want to do next in life?
  • Are you interested in exploring daily tools and technologies to help motivate and energize you to find your focus and purpose?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions Peaceful Living Wellness’ “Well-Life Coaching” is for you. Well-Life Coaching is a dynamic interplay between the coach and her client in which the client discovers her needs and the coach supports, motivates, and encourages the client to fulfill those needs. The three-to-six month Well-Life Coaching session is uniquely designed for each person to de-stress, find motivation and energy, and learn tools and technologies that work for the individual to reach his or her full potential.



The Well-Life Coaching System

The Well-Life Coaching System

Peaceful Living Wellness’ Well-Life Coaching system is a dynamic interplay of individualized coaching sessions, mindful practices, take-home tools and technologies and optional group coaching. Through the Well-Life Coaching process an individual can realize her true purpose in life and how to reach a state of true peaceful living!

Well-Life Coaching System Techniques

  • Sessions filled with support and motivational and inspirational questions
  • Enneagram-based self-directed personality discovery
  • “My Ideal Life” visioning exercises
  • “My Success Schedule” charting
  • Meditation instruction
  • Essential Oil use guidance
  • Nutrition for energy and relaxation
  • Whole-Life satisfaction assessment
  • Goal-setting and action-step charting
  • Mindful Practices charting
  • Easy chair & desk yoga instruction
  • Reiki Energy Healing

Welcome to Peaceful Living Wellness:

Specializing in Yoga Carlsbad and Yoga San Marcos. Dedicated to helping each client bring wellness, joy, and peaceful living into life each and every day.

Yoga San Marcos and Yoga Carlsbad!
In Your Home, Your Office or even Your Park or Beach
Wherever you prefer to practice yoga!


  • Personal, one-on-one, yoga San Marcos sessions.
  • Group Yoga Sessions: Share the time & price with friends and family.
  • Kids Yoga Carlsbad: Have fun doing yoga with your kids
  • Prenatal Yoga:A wonderful way to prepare for birth & to help ease the discomfort of pregnancy.
  • Yoga Parties: A wonderful experience for bridal showers, birthday parties,
  • Moms’ groups or “Girls’ Night In”.

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