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HOW TO TELL WHEN YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH: A 7-Point Checklist for Self-Awareness

HOW TO TELL WHEN YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH: A 7-Point Checklist for Self-Awareness

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. ~ John De Paola


I LOVE what I do! As the creative force behind a wellness brand and busy wellness coach I get to do what I love every day AND make a living at it! But, sometimes, probably because I love it so much, I work too much!


WHAT??? You may be saying… “Jen, you are always telling us to make sure we keep things in balance, to take breaks, to rest, and most of all NOT TO WORK TOO MUCH!” Yes, that is true! And for the most part I do follow my own advice. But January is huge month in the wellness biz. I’m launching three new programs and this blog is becoming a full online magazine! Woot Woot!


In other words, Peaceful Living Wellness and its newest division, Empowered Through Peace, has a lot going on this month. And for that, I am super excited and grateful!


Plus, my dear mother, whom I love and adore. But, who can also sometimes forget to check with me about things, scheduled herself for knee replacement surgery this month! Bless her heart, she did this with the full expectation that I would take her to her surgery and help get her settled in the rehab center, and visit her in the rehab center, and take care of her cat, and water her plants, and…and…and… 🙂 Yet, she forgot to check with me about the timing of this elective surgery. Sigh…


There are many reasons people find themselves in a situation where they are doing way too much! Maybe it’s work. Maybe it’s kids. Maybe it’s parents. Maybe it’s all of the above. This happens to way too many of us! It’s really one of the main reasons my coaching clients come to me: They are overwhelmed and exhausted by thier schedules.  But, it is NOT sustainable. As humans we can keep a very hectic schedule, just not for long. Our bodies will start to break down. We will sustain deleterious physical, mental and emotional effects of stress.


The challenge is to be mindful enough – to pay close enough attention to our minds and bodies – that we recognize the effects our hectic schedule is having on us. When we are very, very busy this can be hard to do because we are not taking the time to check in with ourselves.


Is your stress due to your overly hectic schedule?



I am really good at recognizing the signs and symptoms of doing too much! And I want to share my knowledge with you all.  Here is a simple checklist to do just that:


Join Me On A Journey to Being Empowered Through Peace

Join Me On A Journey to Being Empowered Through Peace


I want to encourage and inspire people to go deeper with their inner peace AND deeper with their inner strength!


Happy New Year!

2019 is going to be an AMAZING year! I am making BIG changes here at Peaceful Living Wellness!

And with these changes I am inviting you to JOIN ME on a journey to not only go deeper in finding peace and balance in your life, but also to build INNER STRENTH and CONFIDENCE on that foundation of peace!

Okay, okay, I know… lot’s of CAPS above 🙂 And honestly, I’m not trying to be annoying – LOL. It’s just that I am so excited about what’s going on here at PLW and how my team and I are going to be bringing you more peace, more joy, more balance, more inner strength and more overall EMPOWERMENT!


The Intention That You Set, Will Come True.

The Intention That You Set, Will Come True.

I love setting intentions! This year I set my intention of 2019 to be my year of elegant. I choose to set intentions instead of resolutions each year as I often find it difficult to think of something I absolutely must resolve in my life. However, I do have a lot of room for intentions.

To me, an intention gives us the space we need to create questions that we may like to answer. For example, as 2019 opens with the intention of elegance for myself I may ask, “How may I feel elegant throughout my day?” “What may I choose today to receive elegance?”

I answer these questions by creating space in my life to receive the feelings of elegance and the opportunity to experience elegant situations.

New Years Day brought me the feelings of elegance by enjoying a Chicago based pizzeria in the luxury of my home thanks to a thoughtful Christmas gift from my husband’s God Father.

The definition of elegant from the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary states: EL’EGANTadjective [Latin elegans.] Polished; polite; refined; graceful; pleasing to good taste; as elegant manners.

Therefore, I aim to add moments of pleasing experiences more to my life in 2019 by choosing my desired intention of elegant.

I wonder, have you set a resolution this year? How has that worked for you in the past? Or, better yet, how is that working for you now?

If it may not be working in your favor or if you feel as if you have now simply added one more item to your todo list; please allow me to offer you this suggestion.

Set an intention for 2019

It may be any word you desire to feel more of in this year. Do you want to feel more love? Set an intention that 2019 is your year of love.

The key to setting intentions is to listen, be still, have patience, and trust. Perhaps you ask yourself, what do I need to adjust in my life to receive more love? Are you holding on to negative feelings toward a person who is no longer a part of you life?

The act of letting go or forgiveness may be all you need to do to allow more love to show up in your life.

Know that your intention is for you and make it your own. Let go of the resolution and set an intention today.

Be bold, bountiful and prosperous in your New Year!

Brittney Hiller is a professional yoga teacher, speaker, and founder of Effervescence YogaSpa.

She loves living a life of inspiration, joy, and happiness! She genuinely teaches others how to create and live in their own happiness through her Yes To Possibility! Coaching Program and Laughter Yoga.

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