THRIVING ENTREPRENEURS:  5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout

THRIVING ENTREPRENEURS: 5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout

I have been an entrepreneur for almost a decade.  During this time I have watched many of my entrepreneur friends give-up on their businesses do to sheer burnout: Working too many hours; struggling with “mommy guilt;” caving to pressure from Significant Others to just “get a job.”   But, I have also coached some of them with my Mindfulness and Mindset coaching and helped them avoid burnout and go on to have thriving, successful, businesses!


While avoiding burnout is a practice and a journey, I have developed 5 essential tips that will help give you a foundation to avoid burnout and build a thriving business!


TIP #1: Be Your Own Benevolent Boss


Being our own bosses as entrepreneurs is both a blessing and a curse.  Most of us are very passionate about our businesses. Because of this we want to make sure that everything we do is a close to perfect as possible.  But, in the words of the iconic Sheryl Sandberg: “Sometimes done is better than perfect.”


Allow yourself to have an opening time and a closing time.  And allow those times to be reasonable. Along these same lines, allow yourself breaks. Take brain-breaks AND an actual lunch break where you are NOT eating at your computer!


Your brain functions better when it has time to rest. You will be more productive and efficient in your work.


Tip #2: Just Say, “NO,” or if  You Can’t Say No, Try to Compromise


As entrepreneurs we are often tempted to take every opportunity that is presented to us.  This comes from what is known as a “lack mentality.” The insecurity that comes from lack mentality pushes us to do whatever it takes. This also comes from a societal idea that working harder and “doing whatever it takes” is necessary to be successful.


Research assures us that this is just not true.  We are more likely to burnout – and dare I say it, “fail.” – if we are trying to do everything!


Be strategic in accepting the opportunities that come your way.  Trust your gut and your head to help you choose the opportunities that will best serve you and your business.  


I find that my most successful ventures actually come from collaborations that are mutually beneficial to my business and others.  This is one of the best ways to compromise!


For example, I was recently asked to come on as the Wellness Director for a new women’s business development and networking enterprise called Wealthy Women Entrepreneurs. This was something I really wanted to do! BUT… I was just launching three new programs and could not fathom that I would  have time. Instead of saying, “no” or “yes” I said that I could only allocate a certain amount of time to it. This was welcomed by the Executive Director, Charlotte Howard, who made the offer to me!


Tip #3: Delegate – Hire or Barter


This has been ESSENTIAL for me in helping my business to thrive!  We cannot do it ALL!


First of all, we are not good at everything! Nor, do we enjoy doing everything! That’s not to say that we should not do some things we don’t enjoy for our businesses. However, if we can delegate some of the things we do not enjoy or that are not in our skill set, our businesses will be more successful.


As a coach, I am really good at interpersonal communication. And I have learned how to use those skills in my social media and blog content.  I am not good at organizing my marketing funnels or profit-and-loss analysis.  For this I hired a fantastic business coach, Stacy Oldfield  


I am also not skilled at the more technical aspects of web design. For this, I bartered coaching for web services. This was one of the best choices for my brand! Dragonfly Innovations has created a beautiful website for Peaceful Living Wellness.


Tip #4: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear


There is a ton of information out there to supposedly help entrepreneurs. Most of it is NOT HELPFUL!  The small-business coaching and development industry is crowded by people trying to pry your money from you. Don’t let them!


This is definitely a situation where I can offer you a “learn from my mistakes” opportunity.


When I relocated my family, and thus my business, across the United States a few years ago I had a really hard time getting the business to thrive. South Carolina is a very different place than Southern California!  Instead of doing what I did in California, and hiring a business coach who I knew personally and trusted, I went to the internet and podcast land. I thought I could gain what I needed to know through listening to free podcasts and reading blogs.


What I learned was a very bad habit of throwing metaphorical spaghetti at the walls and waiting see what sticks.  The problem with this method is that it only ends-up making a mess! I ended-up overwhelmed and in the red – it was truly horrifying.


Fast forward only one year:  I hired my business coach. I have a few trusted online sources for business development advice – Social Media Examiner is one of my favs!  And now I’m back in the black!


The take-away here is to find your trusted sources, trust your own instincts, and keep yourself lazer-focused!


Tip #5: Stop Worrying


Let’s face it. Worry is exhausting.  It floods the brain with stress hormones and leaves us feeling depleted and defeated!


Stay in the present moment with your business. Enjoy it as it comes and don’t dwell on past stumbles or future “what-ifs.”


Trust in yourself and those trusted sources you are now surrounding yourself with.


It’s okay to trouble-shoot and  problem-solve. But keep a productive, positive mindset. Try not to dwell in the negative when engaging in this process.


And above all else – Remember your “WHY!”  Tap into your original reasons for starting your business. Feel that excitement and joy.  It will keep you going through the inevitable stumbling blocks.


YOU’VE GOT THIS!  YOU CAN DO IT! But, do it with kindness and benevolence toward yourself!


Want a more in-depth discussion of these 5 tips? Check out the webinar on my YouTube channel!


Want to experience coaching that will help you build your business while avoiding burnout?  Join Stacy and me for our CEO Mindset small group coaching!  Two coaches + a supportive group dynamic!


I welcome your comments and questions!