This is the fourth and final installment of the 2019 Mindful Communication Series. The Bravery of Setting Boundaries!  I know that I have challenged you all with some pretty tough topics in this series. I’ve asked you to dig deep and find the strength to apologize and to forgive when necessary.

How are you doing with finding the Power of Apology? Were you able to think of anyone to whom you need to apologize? If so, did you find it it in yourself to make sincere amends?

What about the other side of the coin? Forgiveness ? Did anyone come to mind towards whom you are harboring resentment? Were you able to find the Freedom in Forgiveness you can have through letting go of that resentment and forgiving them?

If you experienced either the Power of Apology and/ or the Freedom in Forgiveness I hope that you will share it with us in the comments! It will help encourage others to do the same.

If you did not, but are trying to, it’s okay. Both apology and forgiveness are processes. Keep trying. Keep digging deep and keep meditating on it. Reach out in the comments or the Empowered Through Peace Facebook group for the support and encouragement of others!

At the end of the Freedom in Forgiveness blog I cautioned that it is very important that forgiveness and boundaries go hand-in-hand. In this blog I am going to dive deeper into that topic.