So now that your bubble has been busted about the things that you thought you knew, it is time to fill your noggin full of the ACTUAL TRUTH!

The three biggest truths and most important things you must have/do to, change, have success, see results, BASICALLY DO ANYTHING are these: Goal Setting, Consistency and Self Efficacy. But one thing at a time lets talk Goal setting for now!

Honestly folks, you can’t expect any changes to happen, if you don’t know how to get there.

GOALS, represent the framework/foundation for your success. So how do you create them? Well by being S.M.A.R.T about it, of course. The best way to create goals is to use this acronym ALWAYS!!


S= Specific

You need a specific goal. That precisely states what you are going to do.

BAD GOAL: I want to lose weight

GOOD GOAL: I want to lose 24 lbs. in the next 6 months


M= Measurable

The goal should be quantifiable, something that can be measured for progress. Not only will seeing progress ensure your motivation but it will also breakdown the goal into something that is manageable.

Example: Lose 24lbs in the next six months, losing a pound a week for the

24 weeks.



If you have a goal that out of reach or unrealistic, YOU WON’T MAKE IT!!! And who purposely wants to set themselves up for failure?! For instance, if you sign up for a Full Marathon as a part of your weight loss goal and you ABSOLUTELY HATE RUNNING, then you probably you just wasted $40 bucks on an entry fee for a finish line you will never see (JUST KEEPING REAL).



This goes hand in hand with your goal being attainable. Not only must your goal be something you like to do but it must be within reach. For instance, you want to lose 24lbs. Well Hunny, I can tell you it is not going to happen overnight! You want to make your time frame is something that will be DOABLE! If You want to lose 24 lbs. in six months that is COMPLETELY DOABLE, and you have set yourself up for SUCCESS!


T= Time

PUT A TIME STAMP ON IT!!! You are a priority and so are your dreams and goals. Make sure when you are writing down them down that you give yourself and end date of when the goal should be finished. If you don’t like anything else that is not a priority it slips by the wayside!

Remember set goals SMARTLY!!! If you want to achieve something hold yourself accountable and make it happen. You got to do it for yourself! A few things to remember when you are goal setting:

  1. Write your goals down
  2. Review your goals daily
  3. Do the work!




Lyndsey Bobola understands the struggles of losing weight and getting healthy. She has lost over 65 pounds through her fitness journey. Breaking through the fad diets and exercise routines and giving up excuses, Lyndsey created goals and developed nutrition plans that worked! She gained a healthy lifestyle and now feels better than ever before. As her life improved, Lyndsey developed a passion to help others discover the path to a healthier life.

Now, Lyndsey is here to help clients cut through the noise of Instagram fitness models and fad diets to find real, lasting change. She is here to help people who are ready to improve their life through fitness, health, and life goals.

Scrolling through Instagram accounts of so-called fitness models, Pinterest meal prep ideas, and online workout programs with no scientific backing, Lyndsey realized a majority of fitness ideas online are wrong. They are designed for quick but not lasting results, to make you feel inadequate, or to get your money and leave you hanging. Lyndsey wants to change that through education and hands-on training. Taking no excuses, she provides honest and effective guidance for people who are ready for change.

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When our youngest son was in public elementary school, he loved it, he was doing well, and he was thriving. But then, I think that is probably more the rule than the exception at that age.


Then came middle school. What a nightmare. He was miserable, the education was lackluster, (to say the least), and he was turning into a little jerk. He had been such a sweet kid, so the change in him was unnerving and confusing. 


“We learned about how he learns BEST.”


We pulled him out of school a couple of weeks into 7th grade and went with an online public school. That’s when we learned about how he learns best. He had trouble going from subject to subject, bouncing around, and retaining very little. He was also bored to tears and the school did little to help keep him engaged in the work. He did much better as a binge learner. He loves to delve deep into a subject and learn all he can and then go on to the next thing. And, as it turns out, he retains the information better and has learned how one subject can lead to another or even cross over into another.


He’ll spend months learning something, like ancient history and war, computers, or cooking and then move on to something else. Unfortunately the online public school was basically the same thing as public school, only at home, so that didn’t work either. Then, adding in all of the nagging that I was doing (and trust me, it was a LOT) to get him to do his homework (which was making both of us cranky) to the mix and that can squash the love of learning really fast. So we decided to scrap everything and start all over.


Starting Over


The first thing we did was just let him take a break, which was harder on me than it was on him. The poor kid basically slept for about 8 months. He was exhausted and it was obvious. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to try to learn something when all your body wants to do is sleep. I learned a lot of patience during those 8 months, letting his body get the rest it needed and just being there for him. After that he finally started wanting to get up and do things, becoming more engaged than he had ever been before. My sweet boy was coming back! 


I had been doing weeks and weeks of research on education alternatives and discovered unschooling. I knew this would be perfect for him because it would give him the freedom to learn what he was interested in at his own pace and to the depth that would satisfy him and keep him engaged. My husband and I decided to give it a try and see how it went and I’m so grateful that we did. 


No matter what they’re doing, they’re always learning something.


One of the hardest parts of unschooling is remembering that no matter what they’re doing, they’re always learning something. There is no, “and what did we learn from this?” or checking to make sure that they’re learning. Rest assured, they are. He was learning what he loves, what makes him tick, what he doesn’t like, and how he likes to be in the world. He was learning to be a responsible human being, how to find joy in life, and how to be a good person. That was more important to us than him learning how to do common core math or recite useless data that he would never use in his life. His love of learning was growing exponentially and his range of interests grew along with it.


That was 5 1/2 years ago and today he is happy, well-adjusted, can hold a decent conversation, knows how to problem solve, can build computers, and has a wicked sense of humor. At 17 he is kind, observant, smart as a whip, well-rounded and engaged. He attends a local homeschool co-op (his choice) once a week, has a job, and IRA, and loves to snowboard and do martial arts. He does spend a lot of time online, but it’s funny that a lot of it is on research of topics that he’s interested in. Right now it’s the periodic table, Spirit Science, and physics. Most of the time it’s hard to just keep up with him. 


“We got to know our son as a person and a friend”


Because unschooling is learner led, it has given us the opportunity to really get to know our son as a person and a friend. We love spending time with him and we’re lucky that he loves spending time with us too. Watching him grow this way has been such a wonderful experience for our family and I am grateful for it. I will say that unschooling isn’t for everyone, but for us, it’s been perfect. I love the man he is becoming and I’m the lucky one that gets to be his mom. 


Tatia Elizabeth is a certified sustainability consultant, radical homemaker, unschooler, doTERRA wellness advocate, and homesteader. She is also the admin for Toward Zero Waste Haywood County, NC Facebook group. Her background in alternative and natural medicine, preparedness, self-reliance, environmental science, and domestic history are the backbone of her life of zero-waste, sustainability, non-consumerism, and environmental responsibility. She has studied environmental issues, natural medicine, preparedness, and domestic history for the better part of 30 years and it is her journey to share the knowledge of how the health of one’s environment affects human health with her community. She offers classes, workshops, presentations, and courses on a variety of subjects that is she is passionate about, as well as consultations and mentorships. She is the mother of 4, plus one bonus son. She is married to her beloved, a retired Navy veteran and on the board of a local non-profit, Women of Waynesville. She received her BA in health & wellness with an emphasis on environmental science and domestic history from Purdue Global University in 2019.

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Bring Magic to Your Routine with Walking Meditation

Bring Magic to Your Routine with Walking Meditation

We are entering a great era in which bliss is chic and a centered, grateful heart is the coolest accessory. It’s amazing to watch things like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness become mainstream. All of us are benefiting from the focus on well-being and healthy living that is finally sweeping through the western world.

As this happens, many ancient eastern traditions are becoming more commonplace. This is especially true for meditation. Today, people are talking about it and actually engaging in the practice of meditation now more than ever before in the west. 

But as mainstream as meditation is today, many folks are still getting acquainted with different types of meditation and how it can help. Today, I’d like to enlighten you to the amazing practice of a walking meditation. 

In traditional meditation, you sit still for a certain amount of time and either participate in a guided meditation or quiet your internal dialogue in a zen-based meditation. 

In walking meditation, you are literally walking and moving throughout your meditation.  As you walk, you focus on your breath. You also focus on the physical sensations of walking such as: the sensation of the ground under your feet, the movement of your limbs, and the sights and sounds around you. 

During a walking meditation, try your best to focus all of your attention on the act of walking and all of the sensations that accompany it. Similarly to a sitting meditation, you take note of a thought that is vying for your attention but you gently let it go and re-focus back to the act of walking. 

Given that walking can be an incredibly sensory-rich experience, it is almost easier to practice thought control and quiet your mind in a walking meditation.  If we compare this to a sitting meditation (wherein we have very little sensory experiences to focus on and distract us from our thoughts) a walking meditation is simply a delight for the senses and extremely fertile ground from which cultivating a quiet mind is less strenuous and more accessible for all of us. 


But here’s the magical part of walking meditation:  It teaches us in vivo that we can adopt a meditative state of mind anytime, anywhere. 


As you practice walking meditation and enter a meditative state, you start to experience the certainty that yes- you can bring peace to any moment. Your spiritual self does not have to lay dormant until you have a quiet opportunity to whip out your meditation mats again. You can bring peace to your mind in the here and now, even as you take your morning walk. 



Guest Blog by: Diane Webb, LMHC.  Diane is a psychotherapist in upstate New York that specializes in anxiety reduction, post-traumatic stress disorder, overcoming depression, transpersonal therapy and achieving emotional peak performance. For more information and how to work with Diane, visit: The Peace Journal  Connect via Facebook Here: The Peace Journal Facebook

Approaching Fashion From An Authentic Perspective

Approaching Fashion From An Authentic Perspective

Nelson Mandela said it best, “I never lose, I either win or learn.”

Our perception of anything impacts our success in it as well as our self esteem. Higher self confidence pushes us to conquer new opportunities others only wish for. It means not settling for less and having grace to learn from mistakes.  


Beauty Is The Means…

Beauty is a key topic when it comes to finding greater self confidence because it determines how we express ourself in our own style. It may seem a little backwards how we regard beauty: especially how we relate it to makeup. How can you get a “natural look” with something artificial? Shouldn’t it just be called, embellished beauty? Let’s stop for a second to look deeper.

Broad Terms

Does beauty lie in our opinion alone and does fashion mean runway? Is Fashion the same thing as Style? While finding the relationship between beauty and fashion, I’ve narrowed down working definitions. We’re going to look at “what is fashion, beauty, and style?” as well as the importance of a healthy approach to these terms


Beauty is often such a blanket statement when we talk about appearance, but as humans we understand it has to be more. It’s not something found in a lipstick: after all it’s just chemicals and pigments. In the larger sense beauty operates omnisciently–it’s not in one person or place at one time, but everywhere at once. It reveals what’s truly there– uncovering characteristics worthy of pursuit. On the same thread beauty can’t be given to you but is brought out from what’s already there. There’s a beauty in all living things and it’s how we communicate our uniqueness that sets us apart from others.


Makeup has been classified under the beauty category because of how it makes us feel. It’s more about what it brings out in us, not what it “gives” us. When talking about make up, the same principle applies. Let me give you some examples of what I mean. Contouring doesn’t give our face shape, it enhances the shape already there. Similarly, nail polish makes our nails pop; and lipstick follows the same idea. Individualizing yourself and showcasing your uniqueness is not a bad thing: it can actually be positive, but it solely depends on you being true to yourself and doing what makes you feel good rather than trying to be someone else.

Fashion and Style; What’s It All About?

Many people will say that they love Fashion. That encompasses discovering and shopping the latests trends, following fashion events, cultivating their own personal style, and keeping up with key figures in Women’s Fashion. Fashion itself is commercializing the production of clothing and accessories. It has created countless jobs and remains one of the largest industries today. Think about the history from handmade, custom clothing to online shopping. I mean, can you even imagine a time where clothes weren’t as readily accessible? Now, designers create collections of various styles that trickle down from runway to local and online stores for the next season of fashion. There are so many things we don’t know when it comes to fashion specifically runway, where trends are born.


“Style is the catalyst of individualization.”


Designers offer collections with the latest trends but it’s up to each person to piece together their own style. Your personal style is your impression to the world. It represents different parts of our personalities and what you find valuable: a diverse style represents the need for to reinvent yourself while progressive styles represent visual innovation.

Happiness Is The Point

If fashion involves developing your style of self-expression, beauty represents the underlying qualities of what’s desirable. The Huffington Post asserts that the real definition of beauty is happiness. Renowned philosopher Aristotle asserted that happiness is the only thing we pursue for its own sake. If that’s true, a healthy mindset is essential or we are left unsatisfied searching for the wrong things.

Yes, we are visual creatures, but it’s sought after for so much more: People are looking for 1) what works 2) positive, infectious energy 3) happiness 4) confidence 5) and comfortability. People are attracted to a fearlessness and authenticity of being yourself no matter what. And both your style and uniqueness go hand in hand. Let’s encourage each other!


We’ve taken a look at the deeper meanings behind fashion and beauty, but we must not forget the important connotations around these words. Yes, there we will talk about “beauty” within the large sense of what makes people feel good about themselves and happy while also discussing our spin on popular topics within the “beauty” category (brands, routines, how to’s, and more).

The point of this section is to empower women relating to practical everyday ideas, questions, and struggles; and say it’s ok to not be so “put together” and “glamorous” all the time. We don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, hours to take getting ready, and energy to invest in what people think we should do. We’re after helping others gain confidence and joy when finding their individualized style.

You Can Do It!

The reality is the fashion industry is not going away nor will billions of people lose interest in fashion. A more positive approach than believing negative connotations is becoming a better version of yourself in any way you can. Personal development is essential, and it’s one of the main topics on The Illumine Blog. Everyone has their daily routine but finding what works best for you in your own time is what matters! For more on Women’s Fashion Subscribe!


Fashion Guru and Lifestyle Blogger Megan Bales is the creator of The Illumine Blog, a blog designed to empower others to live healthier lives and develop successful careers. Through personal experience, a degree in Communications, and background in Marketing she uses her skills to focus on topics such as finding your personal style, developing healthier sustainable habits to live a full life, and finding freedom in health! Join the community and raise a glass to your best life!

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The opportunity that came to be, would have never come…..

The opportunity that came to be, would have never come…..

Do you ever hear the tapes that play within?

“You are TOO old to…”

“You are TOO young to…”

“You are TOO sick to….”

“You are TOO scattered to..”

There are moments in my life (large moments) when I too have these tapes play.  I gave up the opportunity to try to apply to multiple colleges because my tapes played:

“I don’t have enough money to pay the application fees.”

“My parents are too busy paying for other things to help me.”

Now, to be clear, I never heard these ideas from my parents, specifically.  I only heard background conversations they had about money that I placed my own perceptions on.  Perceptions that actually hurt me instead of worked for me.

Do you notice how you might not even try something because of the perception you may have placed on it?  Be aware, sometimes these thoughts are debilitating for you and your potentially awesome life!

How do we break these barriers?

To begin, we must first look at the task at hand.  Are we asking the questions and looking at the concerns we may honestly have, before we finalize our thought?  Have we placed a wall up by what we perceive to be truth, instead of looking at what may actually be true?

Three years ago in November, my husband and I spent our anniversary in a cabin in Ellijay, GA with my love. I woke one morning with a short children’s story book in my head and immediately got up to write it down.  After I finished I read it to my husband, to which he replied, “you may have something there, Britt.”  With this new confidence in mind I began to search for ways to publish it.

I asked friends who were editors, I asked friends who were authors, friends who took writing workshops, all to no avail.  The majority of advice I’d received was that I “need an agent.”  Well, how? How do I get an agent? That answer did not come easily.

It seemed as if publishing a small children’s book was unattainable.

Had I stopped searching for answers and instead listened to the tapes that played:

“I can’t find an agent.”

“I need an agent, I’m not good enough for that.”

“This is a PIPE DREAM.”

“What am I thinking??”

The opportunity that came to be, would have never come.

    It was a rainy afternoon and I made my way to Charleston for a Women’s Conference where I would have the pleasure to teach Laughter Yoga to a group of entrepreneurs, as a way to break the ice.  I had a fabulous time with all of them and received business cards – one in particular from a publisher.

Two weeks later, I contacted her just to ask, “Do you publish children’s books?” A resounding, “Yes!” came through my inbox. To make it even more sweet, she had an illustrator that worked with her as well! I was ecstatic!  After a successful meeting with both of them I was excited to learn that they would work within my budget to get this dream of mine completed.

If I had listened to those tapes. . . oh, those little tapes, I would have never experienced what is now turning out to be something better than I could ever imagine.

Perhaps we, “TURN DOWN! FOR WHAT?”

For our SANITY, that’s what… Turn down these lil’ tapes that may play and live your fantastic dreams, my friend!

Until we meet again, off or on the yoga mat.


Brittney Hiller is a professional yoga teacher, speaker, and founder of Effervescence YogaSpa and author of The Little Laughing Yogini.

She loves living a life of inspiration, joy, and happiness! She genuinely teaches others how to create and live in their own happiness through her Yes To Possibility! Coaching Program and Laughter Leadership Certification Training launching Dec. 1st! Find out more here.  She may be reached personally at