A score in this range indicates that you are doing quite well when it comes to chronic stress. You either do not have many ongoing stressors in your life or you have learned and utilize effective coping mechanisms.  Take note of any outlier areas in your answers. For example, if you have high scores on the physical indicators (headaches, stomach aches, sore muscles) of stress you may have a physical health concern. In that case, seeking the advice of a medical professional is highly recommended. If a medical professional pronounces you physically healthy, it may be an indication of past stress (acute or chronic) that you have not fully psychologically healed. Consulting a trained psychotherapist is recommended in this case.

If you have a limited number of emotional stress indicators on which you have high scores a few Peaceful Living coaching sessions can help a great deal. For example, if you are a generally positive person and sleep well, but you tend to worry a lot, a few targeted coaching sessions can help you learn to let go of your chronic worrying.

To book a consultation to see if Peaceful Living Coaching is right for you, click here:  (insert hyperlink to coaching page?)

If you’re not quite ready to look into coaching, join our free Facebook Group Empowered Through Peace Hyperlink to Facebook Group? Where you will find a supportive community and lots of Peaceful Living inspiration and motivation.

51 – 125

A score in this range indicates that you may well be on your way to chronic stress.  Pay attention to the statements for which you gave yourself higher scores. Are they mostly physical (headaches, stomach aches, sore muscles)?  If so, seek the advice of a medical professional. If your higher scores are a mix of physical and emotional, OR mostly (all) emotional indicators, this points towards a pattern of chronic stress.

This is the optimal time to start Peaceful Living Coaching (Insert hyperlink to coaching page)! We all have stress in our lives. The key to living a peaceful life in spite of the stress is to learn healthy coping strategies for dealing with that stress. Peaceful Living Coaching (Insert hyperlink to coaching page?) is designed to do just that – learn easy, every day mindfulness and stress-management techniques that will keep you feeling in-balance, peaceful and happy!

126 to 200

Chronic stress is most likely a significant part of your life if your score comes out in this range. The first thing to ask yourself is if your stress is chronic or acute.  Acute stress is from a particular event that occurred recently. Losing a job or a loved one are examples of the types of life events that can cause acute stress. Acute stress is easily overcome with the support of a skilled therapist. Additionally, the mindfulness and stress-relief techniques learned in Peaceful Living Coaching will help alleviate acute stress and keep it from coming back. In the case of acute stress, the combination of therapy and coaching is particularly effective.

Chronic stress is characterized as ongoing emotional pressure. Chronic stress may originally be triggered by an acute event. But, chronic stress goes on for longer than a few weeks or months.

If left untreated chronic stress can lead to significant to severe emotional and physical health problems.  It places pressure on the endocrine system, which in turn, places pressure on internal organs. Emotionally, chronic stress can lead to depression (and eventually debilitating depression). Physically, chronic stress can lead to digestive issues, heart disease, stroke, insulin overproduction (which can lead to diabetes), among other serious illnesses.

It is VERY important to treat your chronic stress.  Peaceful Living Wellness offers three opportunities for chronic stress relief help:

  • The Empowered Through Peace Facebook Group (hyperlink) provides a closed group where people can feel safe to discuss their emotional needs, to seek advice and give advice. It also provides daily inspirations and motivation for peaceful, joyful living!
  • Subscribing to the Peaceful Living Blog gives you weekly information and inspiration from many different wellness sources! The blog covers topics from financial well-being, to nutrition, to peaceful travel and, of course, mindfulness and stress-relief! (hyperlink to newsletter subscription)
  • Peaceful Living Coaching allows you to conveniently meet via video-chat or phone with Jennifer Robinson, your Peaceful Living Coach! The individual sessions allow you to explore who you are, what your needs and values are and to create a plan to live in balance, peace and joy! Jennifer guides you through this exploration, teaches you easy peaceful living techniques, and supports you in creating a new peaceful life.


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