Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. ~ John De Paola


I LOVE what I do! As the creative force behind a wellness brand and busy wellness coach I get to do what I love every day AND make a living at it! But, sometimes, probably because I love it so much, I work too much!


WHAT??? You may be saying… “Jen, you are always telling us to make sure we keep things in balance, to take breaks, to rest, and most of all NOT TO WORK TOO MUCH!” Yes, that is true! And for the most part I do follow my own advice. But January is huge month in the wellness biz. I’m launching three new programs and this blog is becoming a full online magazine! Woot Woot!


In other words, Peaceful Living Wellness and its newest division, Empowered Through Peace, has a lot going on this month. And for that, I am super excited and grateful!


Plus, my dear mother, whom I love and adore. But, who can also sometimes forget to check with me about things, scheduled herself for knee replacement surgery this month! Bless her heart, she did this with the full expectation that I would take her to her surgery and help get her settled in the rehab center, and visit her in the rehab center, and take care of her cat, and water her plants, and…and…and… 🙂 Yet, she forgot to check with me about the timing of this elective surgery. Sigh…


There are many reasons people find themselves in a situation where they are doing way too much! Maybe it’s work. Maybe it’s kids. Maybe it’s parents. Maybe it’s all of the above. This happens to way too many of us! It’s really one of the main reasons my coaching clients come to me: They are overwhelmed and exhausted by thier schedules.  But, it is NOT sustainable. As humans we can keep a very hectic schedule, just not for long. Our bodies will start to break down. We will sustain deleterious physical, mental and emotional effects of stress.


The challenge is to be mindful enough – to pay close enough attention to our minds and bodies – that we recognize the effects our hectic schedule is having on us. When we are very, very busy this can be hard to do because we are not taking the time to check in with ourselves.


Is your stress due to your overly hectic schedule?



I am really good at recognizing the signs and symptoms of doing too much! And I want to share my knowledge with you all.  Here is a simple checklist to do just that:


1. Are you sleeping well? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake-up in the middle of the night? Do you have lucid, and perhaps stressful, dreams?


2. Are you feeling agitated? Do you startle easily? Or, do you feel jumpy?


3. Is your brain chattering at you even when you try to have a quiet moment? Maybe it’s chattering at you all the time.


4. Are you having a hard time focusing? Is it taking you longer to complete thinking tasks?


5. Is your memory giving you challenges? Are you having trouble remembering words, dates, appointments?


6. Are you grumpy more often than you are happy?


7. Do you feel anxiety and/ or depression starting to creep up in you?



If you answered yes to any, or all, of these  questions it is an indication that you are undergoing stress. The next question you need to ask yourself is:


Is my stress due to an acute, but finite stressor (something that happened in your life to cause stress, but that will pass) or, is it due to my schedule?



If it is due to your schedule, you need to GET OFF THE TREADMILL! I wrote the Get Off The Treadmill blog a couple of years ago when I was on the other side of another very, hectic time in my life. It’s full of my tips and tricks to help you manage your schedule in a healthier way!


For me, for this month here is what I am doing to keep my head above the proveriable hectic waters:


  • Lots of mini selfcare breaks.


  • Staying in a mindset of mindfulness at all times.


  • Accessing gratitude for the abundance in my business!


  • Remembering, that in February I will be able to slow down.


  • And tomorrow I am going to do a little yoga in the morning, watch my fav TV show, CBS Sunday Morning, walk my doggy and watch football! Oh yeah, I’m probably going to make my husband cook dinner too – LOL 🙂



How’s your schedule right now? Are you needing to do a little self-assesment?


Let me know how it goes!!!



Love & Light





As always your comment and follows are welcomed with gratitude!


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