I was pleased as punch when I heard that the theme for this year’s Times Square crystal ball was “The Gift of Serenity!”  You can imagine my delight in finding out that the 2,688 beautiful Waterford Crystal plates on the iconic ball (shown below) were imbued with a sentiment so close to my heart.

The gift of serenity is my life’s passion! So let’s receive this gift and get the proverbial ball rolling for serenity in our lives for 2018 – pun intended 😉

If serenity is your first resolution, the others will fall into place.

The other cool thing that caught my attention this week is that “being a better person,” outranked weight loss as the top resolution this year.

I love that!

There has been so much rancor in 2017 with the tumultuous U.S. election and the subsequent tide of negative tweets coming from the new president. Not to mention the ever-growing phenomenon of social media and the perceived anonymity of the screen that seems to prompt some people to feel empowered to engage in meanness and cruelty.  

And then, of course, there has been the outing of all of the rampant sexual harassment and assault that takes place in the workplace worldwide – I’m thankful that it’s finally being taken seriously.

It’s wonderful that the Maris Poll found personal betterment to be the number 1 resolution this year.

That said, being a better person is sort of a broad topic… 

How can we be better people?

Well, that’s where it comes back to serenity!  If we reduce our stress, practice mindfulness, and find serenity and peaceful living, we become happier, healthier people.

Happier, healthier people are more likely to be kind to others. Happier, healthier people are more likely to be patient with themselves and others.

Happier, healthier people are simply “better people.”

Some Fun Facts

  • Studies have shown that optimism and a sense of purpose equate to at least a 20%  reduction in the development of stress-based diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes
    • (Laura Kubansky and K. “Vish” Viswanath for Time Publishing, The Science of Happiness: Discoveries For a More Joyful Life. 2016)
  • Mindful meditation has been found to strengthen the human immune system, even in people with HIV.
    • (David Cresswell, et. Al.  University of California, Los Angeles).
  • Bringing serenity and peaceful living into one’s life, particularly through the practices of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, have been shown through widespread studies in the field of psychology to reduce the effects of many different emotional and mental health disorders ranging from drug and alcohol addiction to borderline personality disorder, and relapsing anxiety and depression
  • When too much cortisol, the hormone produced by the body when under stress, continually hits the brain it can cause hippocampal brain damage which results in the inability to sleep, memory loss, brain fog and an inability to control moods.
    • (Holly Lucille, ND, RN Creating and Maintaining Balance: A Woman’s Guide to Safe, Natural, Hormone Health. Impakt Health, 2004).

How to bring more serenity into your life

Start each day with gratitude.  

Instead of jumping (or in some cases slowly rolling) out of bed and rushing into your day, take a few moments to wake up your brain by thinking about a few things for which you are grateful. You will notice a difference in your overall attitude for the day when you start on this positive note.

Practice patience.

As things come up in your day that are frustrating take a few moments to breathe deeply and allow yourself to be more patient with the situation, the person, or even yourself if the case may be.

Use mindful communication.

In a previous blog I talked about the skill of mindful communication and how to say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.

A gentle tone makes all the difference both to the person to whom you are talking and to your inner self. It sets a tone of positivity and peacefulness.

Take a timeout.

Taking short breaks throughout your day allows your brain and body to relax and ultimately improves your efficiency and productivity.  You can enhance the health effects of the brain breaks by practicing meditation during your time out.

Do something nice for yourself each day!

Practicing positivity and self-nurture is the ultimate technique for bringing more serenity into your life!

There you have it – the gift of serenity!  

If you give yourself this gift as your first resolution you will find that being a better person becomes easy.

You will also find that being a healthier person, a more productive person, and a more successful person often follows serenity.

So do yourself and your loved ones a favor and accept this gift <3

I would love to hear from you throughout your journey of serenity! Comment here and on Facebook throughout 2018!

Love & Light,


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