Peaceful Living For Real Life


When I first launched my business I wasn’t sure that I should call it “Peaceful Living”. While the name represents what my business is all about, I hesitated because it doesn’t represent the entirety of my life. My life and all that surrounds me is often very chaotic. I toyed with the idea of using “Positive Living” instead, because that definitely represented me. It didn’t represent everything I want to give to people in my business though – ways to bring peace into their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I can see that positivity brings peace and peace brings positivity. But, there it is… for me, peaceful living is the overarching value; it’s inclusive of positivity.

Four years down the road I came up with the business tag-line, “Peaceful Living For Real Life”. It came easily to me at this point. Because that’s what I found I was living, what my business embraced, and what the value is at the heart of my business!

So what is it, Peaceful Living For Real Life? What exactly does that mean?

Here’s my theory and the reason behind the tagline.  My life is stressful. I live in a busy Southern California suburb. I have two energetic kids, one of whom is rather high maintenance in that she is prone to super tantrums. I have my own business. I volunteer for a number of different organizations – most recently my life has been taken over by an ever-increasing project for the Parent Teacher Organization at my children’s school. And I don’t have a support network of family members to help me. So what’s a busy mom to do in order to stay peaceful?  Well, I use what I’ve come to call, “my peaceful living tools”. I use breath work and yoga. I use meditation and mantra. I use self-talk and different types of self-analysis tools to keep things in perspective. I use gratitude. I use self-love (this has come in very handy due to some recent hate email I received – more on that in my next blog).

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I use self-nurture and take very good care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve learned when to say, “no.” I’ve learned when to put up boundaries. But I’ve also learned to take down some walls I had erected to keep some people and things out of my life – don’t worry, there are still boundaries in place with some of those people, just not high walls of separation!

We all can bring peaceful living into our lives by having some tools, some self-respect & self-love, and by taking time for ourselves. This is what my coaching program is based upon. I am a wellness coach who specializes in teaching people how to bring peace and joy into their lives. Whether I’m working with individuals in my private practice or groups of employees in my employee wellness program I am able to teach these tools and share these practices in a manner that allows anyone to enjoy peaceful living, no matter how “Real” their life is 🙂

What are some of your tools for peaceful living? How do you self-nurture? Share your thoughts, ideas and stories. We can all grow from each other’s wisdom.


Love, Light & Namaste,


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