Coaching Testimonials


Jen helped me to take my dreams down off the shelf and make a practical path forward toward making them happen. She is so good at what she does!

~ Rachel Rott


Jennifer gives me practical tools that make me feel successfuland capable. I breath deeper and smile more. I look forward to each session.

~ Stephanie Robbins


Wellness Testimonials


Jennifer provides a much needed, unique approach to her wellness business and her clients. She listens carefully to understand her clients physical, nutritional and emotional needs and then creates a customized treatment to address individual client situations. Her personal committment and focus on results is outstanding which is why her yoga classes and treatments are so great. I highly recommend Jennifer!

-Jennifer Smith


Jennifer is a pleasure to work with in all aspects of her services. I’ve been impressed with her deep knowledge and how she applies her knowledge and techniques to personally fit each client. She is caring and attentive and takes customer service to an all new high. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to work with Jennifer and I plan to continue to work with her.

-Nancy McMonigal


Yoga Testimonials


Jennifer taught my family and friends a group yoga class in lieu of a “traditional” bridal shower. It was so much fun! Most of my family members are not familiar with yoga or have never even done it before, Jennifer was gentle but also challenging with amazing guidance and energy. We all had so much fun. Jennifer connected us all and I could tell how good every one felt after the class. It was exhilarating and peaceful. My Mom and Aunt have now gone back to the East Coast and have been seeking out classes to go to, but I am afraid none of them will be able to compare to Jennifer’s class! She is one of a kind with so much love, passion, understanding and peace. I would definitely love to have Jennifer host another group yoga party!

~Christina M. Richardson RYT, MT


During Yoga Teacher Training, I was blessed to have Jennifer gift me with a Reiki session. Before the session, my energy felt elevated and raw. Through her practice she was able to subtly soothe my energy and bring me back into a state of balance and serenity. This state lasted several days – a great testament to her healing power and talent. I would recommend Jennifer to any of my friends or family who needed healing.

~Alicia Beale, RYT, Yoga Teacher Trainer


During Jennifer’s yoga class her confidence and personality allows students to believe in themselves and her energy really keeps the flow going.

~Joseph Machado, RYT


Jenn has great energy… spicy and sassy. Her sequencing and flow made transitions come with ease. I love how her light shines through and warms the heart of the people she touches in every thought and word spoken.

~Deborah Shepard, RYT, HHP
  The Devorah Center Wellness


Jen is so natural and comfortable as a teacher. She makes the class flow nicely. Her energy is intoxicating and rubs off on her students in a great way! She encourages her students to allow their bodies to lead them, which feels great!

Erin Scherrif, RYT, MT


Jennifer’s yoga class is powerfully uplifting. I love the freedom she allows for making the movements. Her class brought me into a total trance for a beautiful trance of body, mind and spirit.

~Georgiana Sayhi, HHP


The yoga class I took with Jennifer was perfect! Her energy permeates the room and inspires one to challenge oneself as well as to just feel more energetic. During Savasana she did an adjustment on me and I could feel her energy ~ which was a very cool sensation!

~Carol Larkin, RYT