Hi all, my name is Lyndsey Bobola and I am a certified personal trainer out of Charleston, South Carolina. I have been in the Health and Fitness industry for a long time and what I found out is that for the most part, we do not get much of the truth about what we should be doing for our health and if we do, it is usually mixed in with a bunch of garbage you have to comb through to get a sliver of the facts.


It took me a long time, a lot of tears and headaches to get the truth about health and true wellness. And now I want to share these truths with the world!!!!




I want you to envision a vehicle and all the mechanisms that help it run properly. Now I want you to think of nutrition and regular exercise as parts of the vehicle for TRUE HEALTH.  When everything works together you get total health and wellness. There are multiple parts that coincide to help make the journey successful and I am here to give you the truth and realities to my part of that vehicle; nutrition and exercise.


The biggest downfall for most people when it comes to healthy eating and exercise, is information. We live in a social media driven world and are bombarded with information, about the best ways to lose weight, which exercise works for what body part, and ‘lose 40 lbs. in three weeks!!’ It is mind boggling. Especially, if you are new to your health and fitness journey. And all of it can be intimidating and a deterrent if you don’t know how to navigate the waters.


I am here as your captain, trying to steer you on the right path. And just like any good captain, I give you the truth straight up, no sugar coating. If you want good health, you got to throw away the excuses and work for it. So, let’s get started!


If you want good health, you got to throw away the excuses and work for it.


First, my ultimate and favorite phrase. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid). Not that your stupid at all!!! You are reading this blog, so you got to be a little smart 😊. What we tend to do, is over complicate situations, we get all stupid, and make things hard.


What we tend to do, is over complicate situations


For instance, we see things on social media like big elaborate meal preps, expensive workout equipment, diets with complicated rules and restrictions. What do we do? We immediately try to recreate these things because we believe, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE SUCCESS. But it makes us do the complete opposite; WE FAIL!!!  


We fail because it becomes too complicated, too hard and too extreme and then we CRACK, BREAKDOWN AND GIVE UP!!! Basically, we set ourselves up for failure. We buy a bunch of crap and hope that it’s going to magically make us healthier.


What it takes is simple, tiny, uncomplicated steps to reach a goal you have created. For instance, if you drink 6 sodas a day, try reducing it 1 per day, if you succeed, next week try reducing it by two. It’s not magic here people, just logic!!!


Disaster is Eminent Today


Next, steer clear of any diet. Diet stands for DISASTER IS EMINENT TODAY. Look, there are plenty of fad diets out there, that guarantee rapid weight loss in short amount of time. The problem with these types of diets is that they are designed for you to fail. You end up on a roll coaster of dieting. Ever wonder why it’s called yo-yo dieting? Because it’s EXACTLY THAT. On them, you lose weight because you have restricted some food group, that you had no business removing, and then as soon as you derail, you gain all the weight back plus some. And where does that leave you?  Cursing the diet gods and unhealthier than you were originally. Plus, now you are dangling from a cord over the mouth of another fad diet saying ‘hmmm this looks interesting, let me try this one.’ JUST SAY NO!!!!


Cold Hard Facts


The COLD HARD FACTS; you never learn any long-lasting lifestyle changes, nothing ever became a habit or part of your routine. CHANGE IS TRULY NECESSARY FOR GROWTH.


Last but certainly not least, you must throw out the notion that the important part is the RESULTS. THE DESTINATION. THE END GAME. THE END ALL, BE ALL. Yes, it’s great to reach and achieve a goal but the most important part is what you learned on the journey. This is where you grow on a personal level and develop behavioral changes that help you make long lasting lifestyle changes. You can’t just be healthy for a little while and expect it to last. You have to do it daily to maintain good health.


I know. I know.  I probably busted a lot of bubbles just now but that is my job. Our world is in a state of instant gratification, but the truth is that, anything good (aka your health) is going to take hard work and I am going to give you all the information you need to make this journey successful!!! So there is no excuse for you not to succeed!!!


So, if you are ready, keeping following, reading and learning.


Lyndsey understands the struggles of losing weight and getting healthy. She has lost over 65 pounds through her fitness journey. Breaking through the fad diets and exercise routines and giving up excuses, Lyndsey created goals and developed nutrition plans that worked! She gained a healthy lifestyle and now feels better than ever before. As her life improved, Lyndsey developed a passion to help others discover the path to a healthier life.

Now, Lyndsey is here to help clients cut through the noise of Instagram fitness models and fad diets to find real, lasting change. She is here to help people who are ready to improve their life through fitness, health, and life goals.

Scrolling through Instagram accounts of so-called fitness models, Pinterest meal prep ideas, and online workout programs with no scientific backing, Lyndsey realized a majority of fitness ideas online are wrong. They are designed for quick but not lasting results, to make you feel inadequate, or to get your money and leave you hanging. Lyndsey wants to change that through education and hands-on training. Taking no excuses, she provides honest and effective guidance for people who are ready for change.

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Being a mom is freaking hard! I love my daughter SO MUCH, but sometimes I miss my old life.


If I could send a message to the pre-mom version of myself, I would tell myself to enjoy the quiet moments.


Being a mom means we wear many hats! We run our family, our home, work (whether that’s in the home or not) and more. The stress is real and we often put our own health (and sanity) last.


In the long run, not taking care of yourself will have a huge negative impact on your health, your happiness and your family.


Creating healthy habits doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or overwhelming. It’s important to make one change/improvement at a time.


To help you make some quick improvements, I’m sharing some of my favorite healthy living hacks.


Stop counting calories


Please! I’m seriously begging you. Counting calories is one of the worst things you can do for your health. This usually leads to eating chemical filled synthetic ‘franken-foods’ that are void of any nutrients just because they’re low calorie.


Always go for quality over quantity. Make it easy and just eat real food.


Eating real food will help you lose weight, have more energy, balance your hormones, sleep better, reduce inflammation….there is no end to the benefits of eating real food.


Create a meal plan


I know this can sound like something else that you need to add to your never ending ‘to-do list’.


The good news is it doesn’t have to take too much time to create a meal plan that will then last you for months.


‘How?’ you say. I created a blank six week calendar that I fill in with pre-planned meals. I then rotate through those six weeks a couple of times.


I have two of these plans, one for cold months (with soups and chilis) and the other for warm months (salads and grilling). You can get a copy of my blank six week meal plan here.

Remember to allow days for socializing, going out to dinner and leftovers.


If creating a meal plan still sounds overwhelming, this is the amazing meal planning service that I recommend to my clients.




I heard that sigh. I know exercising may not be the funnest thing in the world, but it is a MUST if you want to be healthy.


There are seriously so many options out there now…gyms, YouTube videos, at home paid programs (DVDs, websites, etc), mom groups…the list goes on.


These programs include all types of exercise, from 10 minutes to an hour, any price range for any skill level.


Which means there is literally no excuse!


Healthy apps


Use your smart phone to your advantage with healthy apps. Some awesome healthy living apps are:


Healthy Living by EWG.org. This app rates food, skin care products, cleaning products and more based on their level of toxicity, breaks down each ingredient, lets you know if it’s a possible allergen or carcinogen (and everything in between), and recommends clean products.


Fooducate is an amazing app that helps you track your food intake, exercise, macros, sleep, hunger and more. You can scan packaged foods and Fooducate gives it a letter grade based on sugar content, artificial ingredients, GMO’s, etc. Fooducate will also make recommendations for a better product. You can personalize it with your info like age, health conditions, goals, etc.


Calm has been my favorite guided meditation website/app for years. If you want to meditate but have a hard time quieting your mind, Calm is for you. They have free programs as well as paid.


Thankful for – Gratitude Diary. This is a new app for me and I totally love it! I love practicing gratitude but need reminders because I’m a busy mom/entrepreneur. This app has hundreds of small gratitude statements like “I am thankful for friendships”, “I am thankful for oxygen”, and many more. You can also create reminders that the app will you on your phone. It’s so awesome to get a couple “I am thankful for…” reminders every day. Practicing gratitude is so much easier now!


Please don’t attempt to begin using all of these at the same time. That can lead to overwhelm really fast! Baby steps are best when making transformations. Start to use one of these suggestions, make it a set habit and then move on to another one.


Which of these 4 tips will you commit to implementing?


As we know better, we do better ~



Bri is a wife, mom, Registered Nurse and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. After winning the battle with her own brain fog, Bri became passionate about guiding mom’s through the journey of busting their brain fog so that they can be the energetic, happy mama they crave to be. www.hippiedippiemom.com

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Last week I experimented with something on Facebook. I took a big breath, dug deep into my gut to confront my fear, and allowed myself to be vulnerable.


If you are a regular reader, you know that I blog about my personal challenges and the things I struggle with. In other words, I practice being vulnerable on a regular basis. The reason I have been fairly fearless in talking about my personal life is that those stories allow me to share my experience and how to alleviate the stress of those challenges.


However, what I learned from this Facebook experiment is NOT a lesson in how to avoid, counteract or alleviate stress. This time, the lesson was is about embracing the discomfort of being vulnerable!


The thought of this may bring up butterflies in your stomach. That is okay. It brings butterflies to my normally serene self as well!


With that notion in mind, you may be asking, “if even the thought of being vulnerable brings up anxiety, why in the world would I allow myself to be open about it???”


There is a very, simple reason why – it will help you be a stronger person.




Just like any other strength-building exercise, allowing yourself to show your vulnerability takes practice. And as you practice you become stronger.


The fear that most of us experience associated with being vulnerable is that we will appear weak, not strong. But, let me turn that notion upside down for you. What does it take to be vulnerable? It takes courage! And how do we look at courageous people in society? We look at them as strong!


Use this formula in your thinking:

Being vulnerable = courage

Courage = strength

Strength comes with practice/ repetition

Practice/ repetition = resilience




Because I am one of those people who talks with A LOT of other people, I have learned that all people have their insecurities. We all have things we could use a little support with. We all have emotional needs. It’s part of being HUMAN.


When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, it shows to others that you are human – and so are they. There is an incredible freedom in accepting yourself, vulnerabilities and all. There is a deep sense of relief when we finally take down the walls of false pretense that go hand-in-hand with trying to appear invulnerable.


The courageous act of showing our vulnerability also gives others the motivation to find freedom and relief when they take down their walls of protection against looking vulnerable. Thus, you are not only giving yourself a gift, but you are giving a gift to others as well.





Finally, but most importantly, you open yourself to accepting the support, encouragement and love of others!


In my experimental Facebook post I asked people for prayers for three things. I asked for prayers for my father who has cancer, I asked for prayers for my husband who is having health challenges, and I asked for prayers for the growth of my business.


For some people, this type of request is not anxiety-provoking in the least. I have friends who ask for prayers on Facebook all the time. But, for me, it was very, very hard. I am extremely private about my spirituality. If you look back through the dozens of blogs I have written, you will not find any mention of prayer or spirituality. It’s not something I talk about openly.


It was also hard for me to say that I need prayers for my business and my husband. I had so much fear that people would think that my business and/ or marriage are in jeopardy (neither of those are the case). Interestingly enough, there were people who reacted in exactly that way. I had numerous people ask me if I’m okay or tell me that they are worried about me. These responses were made with such love and concern that they made feel supported and cared for!


And there is the most important lesson learned in my experiment in vulnerability:


By allowing myself to be vulnerable I allowed myself to be available to receive the love and support of others!


This was shown not only by the handful of people who expressed concern and worry. But, it was also shown by the 100+ people who gave me “likes” and “loves” and supportive comments! If putting myself out there to be vulnerable means that I am blessed with the support and prayers of over 100 people, I’ll take it!


Remember, having a supportive community is very important for stress management! You can read more about that in my Support Tribe blog series:

How Community Creates a Peaceful Life

Building Your Support Tribe

Where to Find Your Support Tribe

Be courageous!


Build your strength!


Gather Your Tribe!


Be vulnerable!


With All My Affection,


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Heart opening yoga poses are one of my favorite ways to challenge myself…to let shit go…to open myself physically, mentally, and emotionally to the pose, but also to whatever life is currently throwing at me. These experiences are another one of the MANY reasons why I love to practice. This practice is not just about being present on the mat, but also present in LIFE.


Have you noticed how heart opening poses are hard? How they change the way we breathe? How they force us out of our comfort zone? How they even make us agitated and discouraged? Raise your hand if you have experienced these frustrating moments…ME!


*My “oh crap I hate this pose” moment: When I raise myself up into wheel and I let out a grunt, the practice is kicking my butt and so is life. It feels like there is a elephant on my chest and everything feels heavy and the move well just flat out sucks. The first thing that comes to mind when I get up into wheel is I immediately want to come down. I want to thrown in the towel and just be done.


But have you also noticed, that when you allow yourself to LET GO…to breathe…to open yourself to the unknown…to be a little fearless…to take a chance…the heart opening pose allows you to fully OPEN and it all feels effortless.


*My “YES!!! FREAKING GO FOR IT pose” moment: Landing in Half Moon pose and feeling grounded, strong, open, and happy is yoga bliss. When I feel these things and all that other mooshy gooshy stuff, this pose is effortless and yes, just makes me SMILE.


Yes, these heart opening poses also require practice, strength, and balance, but they also offer much more than that and I hope you will be able to feel mental and emotional benefits someday soon.


In the meantime, here are my 5 favorite heart opening poses. Each one presents its own challenge to me in my practice. What I truly love about these poses is that there is ALWAYS room to grow in both the physical practice, but yes also the mental and emotional.


So let it go…Open your heart…Open your mind…Breathe…



(click pose headings for step-by-step instructions)





What is your favorite heart opening yoga pose?

Do your heart opening yoga poses challenge you?

My name is Katie Uhran. I’m a fitness and lifestyle influencer who lives in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I am passionate about running, yoga, writing, food, and inspiring others to live their happiest life inside and out. I share workouts, simple recipes, self-care tips, and a glimpse into my own personal journey. It’s real…It can get messy…and there will definitely be some ups and downs. But this is ME. This is my life and the beautiful mess that it is and I want you to join me. To live, learn, love, and ENJOY life to the fullest. 

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