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I’m Not Enough???

I’M NOT ENOUGH!!! How the “I’m Nots” are NOT doing you any good   As my little girl is transitioning to a new school she is really struggling with what I call the “I’m Not Good Enoughs.”  It breaks my heart, not only because I hurt for her, but because it brings me...

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Friends One of the Best Stress Relievers Around

Friends: One of the Best Stress Relievers Around This is the first of a three-part series on friendship and how it can both help relieve stress and how it can cause stress. This first part of the series focuses on how friendship is one of the...

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Food Safety: Tips for Healthy Living

IS FOOD SAFETY STRESSING YOU OUT? #TroubleWithChicken Okay, normally I write about things that are stressing you out and how to deal with them. But my guess is that food safety is not something that is high on everyone’s list of stressors....

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Moving and Changing: Look Forward Reduce Anxiety

MOVING AND CHANGING: HOW LOOKING FORWARD REDUCES ANXIETY   Normally I recommend staying in the present moment to relieve anxiety: you know, one-day-at-a-time and all that. And I do truly believe in most circumstances it is an excellent way to...

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Depression or Fatigue?

AM I TIRED OR AM I DEPRESSED   I have been SO TIRED since our move.  But it’s been six weeks.  I should be acclimated and rested by now. I’m starting to wonder if I’m a little depressed    I have been challenged by depression since I was a...

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Why I Vaccinate: Yes, It’s a stress-reliever!

Why I Vaccinate: One yoga-teaching, Reiki Master, Naturopathic mama’s reasons for vaccinating children. Normally my blogs are light and uplifting – all about how to de-stress and find more peace in your life. This particular blog is not aiming...

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