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Why I Vaccinate: Yes, It’s a stress-reliever!

Why I Vaccinate: One yoga-teaching, Reiki Master, Naturopathic mama’s reasons for vaccinating children. Normally my blogs are light and uplifting – all about how to de-stress and find more peace in your life. This particular blog is not aiming...

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Stress Management Tips: The Art of Vegetation

Why veg time does a brain and body good   In the wellness field we talk a lot about mindfulness and meditation. Both are wonderful practices for the brain and body. But the brain and body are curious things. As is, mind-body connection. We...

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Peaceful Living For Real Life

Peaceful Living For Real Life   When I first launched my business I wasn’t sure that I should call it “Peaceful Living”. While the name represents what my business is all about, I hesitated because it doesn’t represent the entirety of my...

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Go For It – Talk to yourself!

  Go for it – Talk to yourself! I know it's considered a little weird, but I often find myself talking to myself. Truthfully, self-talk is something that can be very healthy! Yes, it's probably better to keep it in your head, but I figure,...

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Meditation For Monkey Minds

  As a yoga and meditation teacher I have heard the same thing for years from my clients – “I can’t meditate! My mind won’t turn off!” And quite truthfully I thought the same thing myself for decades. I thought that I was the only yoga...

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Easy Upper Back Stretch

Have tightness in your upper back? Sitting or standing, take your arms in front of you and interlace your fingers. Round your back, pull your tummy in and hold your arms out like you are holding a very large ball. Drop your head forward and...

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