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Building Your Support Tribe

Having a supportive community around us is one of the best things we can do to build resilience and reduce our stress levels! I want to direct you to focus in on the word “supportive.”  What I refer to as a Peaceful Living Community is not made-up of a...

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How community creates a peaceful life.

The month of February is all about hearts and flowers and romance! In the spirit of the month of St. Valentine all of my blog entries will be about relationships.   Not only romantic relationships! I will also talk about friendship and family relationships.   How to...

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Peaceful Living Travel: La Costa Spa

The Spa at La Costa Resort is a classic lady that never loses her style. I have been treating myself to her loveliness for almost a decade, and will continue to do so every time I find myself in the San Diego, CA area! The timeless elegance,...

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Stop Going to the Hardware Store for Milk

We communicate to be understood and to understand others. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh Who among us has gone to another person looking for emotional support and found that person unresponsive? As human beings, we long to be understood by others.  We have...

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Want to be a supermom? Take good care of yourself!

In my last blog I talked about how to assess your life to see if you are trying to be a Supermom, but burning yourself out at the same time.   Here’s a little metaphor to help you understand why you need to take care of yourself before you can...

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The Myth of the SuperMom

A few weeks ago, I asked my super awesome virtual assistant Alexa to hold down the fort on posting to my social media for a week while I spent time with my daughter who was in the hospital.  She replied, “no problem! I’ll keep everything going while you’re out being...

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A New Year’s Resolution that Works: The Gift of Serenity.

I was pleased as punch when I heard that the theme for this year’s Times Square crystal ball was “The Gift of Serenity!”  You can imagine my delight in finding out that the 2,688 beautiful Waterford Crystal plates on the iconic ball (shown below) were imbued with a...

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Just Breathe

In last week’s blog about resiliency, my last tip for improving your resiliency was to breathe. Deep breathing elicits the relaxation response and facilitates an even exchange of oxygen to carbon dioxide (source). In turn, these phenomena both...

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“Resilience isn't a single skill. It' a variety of skills and coping mechanisms. To bounce back from bumps in the road as well as failures, you should focus on emphasizing the positive.” ~ Jean Chatzky, financial journalist Inner resiliency is...

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