Nelson Mandela said it best, “I never lose, I either win or learn.”

Our perception of anything impacts our success in it as well as our self esteem. Higher self confidence pushes us to conquer new opportunities others only wish for. It means not settling for less and having grace to learn from mistakes.  


Beauty Is The Means…

Beauty is a key topic when it comes to finding greater self confidence because it determines how we express ourself in our own style. It may seem a little backwards how we regard beauty: especially how we relate it to makeup. How can you get a “natural look” with something artificial? Shouldn’t it just be called, embellished beauty? Let’s stop for a second to look deeper.

Broad Terms

Does beauty lie in our opinion alone and does fashion mean runway? Is Fashion the same thing as Style? While finding the relationship between beauty and fashion, I’ve narrowed down working definitions. We’re going to look at “what is fashion, beauty, and style?” as well as the importance of a healthy approach to these terms


Beauty is often such a blanket statement when we talk about appearance, but as humans we understand it has to be more. It’s not something found in a lipstick: after all it’s just chemicals and pigments. In the larger sense beauty operates omnisciently–it’s not in one person or place at one time, but everywhere at once. It reveals what’s truly there– uncovering characteristics worthy of pursuit. On the same thread beauty can’t be given to you but is brought out from what’s already there. There’s a beauty in all living things and it’s how we communicate our uniqueness that sets us apart from others.


Makeup has been classified under the beauty category because of how it makes us feel. It’s more about what it brings out in us, not what it “gives” us. When talking about make up, the same principle applies. Let me give you some examples of what I mean. Contouring doesn’t give our face shape, it enhances the shape already there. Similarly, nail polish makes our nails pop; and lipstick follows the same idea. Individualizing yourself and showcasing your uniqueness is not a bad thing: it can actually be positive, but it solely depends on you being true to yourself and doing what makes you feel good rather than trying to be someone else.

Fashion and Style; What’s It All About?

Many people will say that they love Fashion. That encompasses discovering and shopping the latests trends, following fashion events, cultivating their own personal style, and keeping up with key figures in Women’s Fashion. Fashion itself is commercializing the production of clothing and accessories. It has created countless jobs and remains one of the largest industries today. Think about the history from handmade, custom clothing to online shopping. I mean, can you even imagine a time where clothes weren’t as readily accessible? Now, designers create collections of various styles that trickle down from runway to local and online stores for the next season of fashion. There are so many things we don’t know when it comes to fashion specifically runway, where trends are born.


“Style is the catalyst of individualization.”


Designers offer collections with the latest trends but it’s up to each person to piece together their own style. Your personal style is your impression to the world. It represents different parts of our personalities and what you find valuable: a diverse style represents the need for to reinvent yourself while progressive styles represent visual innovation.

Happiness Is The Point

If fashion involves developing your style of self-expression, beauty represents the underlying qualities of what’s desirable. The Huffington Post asserts that the real definition of beauty is happiness. Renowned philosopher Aristotle asserted that happiness is the only thing we pursue for its own sake. If that’s true, a healthy mindset is essential or we are left unsatisfied searching for the wrong things.

Yes, we are visual creatures, but it’s sought after for so much more: People are looking for 1) what works 2) positive, infectious energy 3) happiness 4) confidence 5) and comfortability. People are attracted to a fearlessness and authenticity of being yourself no matter what. And both your style and uniqueness go hand in hand. Let’s encourage each other!


We’ve taken a look at the deeper meanings behind fashion and beauty, but we must not forget the important connotations around these words. Yes, there we will talk about “beauty” within the large sense of what makes people feel good about themselves and happy while also discussing our spin on popular topics within the “beauty” category (brands, routines, how to’s, and more).

The point of this section is to empower women relating to practical everyday ideas, questions, and struggles; and say it’s ok to not be so “put together” and “glamorous” all the time. We don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, hours to take getting ready, and energy to invest in what people think we should do. We’re after helping others gain confidence and joy when finding their individualized style.

You Can Do It!

The reality is the fashion industry is not going away nor will billions of people lose interest in fashion. A more positive approach than believing negative connotations is becoming a better version of yourself in any way you can. Personal development is essential, and it’s one of the main topics on The Illumine Blog. Everyone has their daily routine but finding what works best for you in your own time is what matters! For more on Women’s Fashion Subscribe!


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