So now that your bubble has been busted about the things that you thought you knew, it is time to fill your noggin full of the ACTUAL TRUTH!

The three biggest truths and most important things you must have/do to, change, have success, see results, BASICALLY DO ANYTHING are these: Goal Setting, Consistency and Self Efficacy. But one thing at a time lets talk Goal setting for now!

Honestly folks, you can’t expect any changes to happen, if you don’t know how to get there.

GOALS, represent the framework/foundation for your success. So how do you create them? Well by being S.M.A.R.T about it, of course. The best way to create goals is to use this acronym ALWAYS!!


S= Specific

You need a specific goal. That precisely states what you are going to do.

BAD GOAL: I want to lose weight

GOOD GOAL: I want to lose 24 lbs. in the next 6 months


M= Measurable

The goal should be quantifiable, something that can be measured for progress. Not only will seeing progress ensure your motivation but it will also breakdown the goal into something that is manageable.

Example: Lose 24lbs in the next six months, losing a pound a week for the

24 weeks.



If you have a goal that out of reach or unrealistic, YOU WON’T MAKE IT!!! And who purposely wants to set themselves up for failure?! For instance, if you sign up for a Full Marathon as a part of your weight loss goal and you ABSOLUTELY HATE RUNNING, then you probably you just wasted $40 bucks on an entry fee for a finish line you will never see (JUST KEEPING REAL).



This goes hand in hand with your goal being attainable. Not only must your goal be something you like to do but it must be within reach. For instance, you want to lose 24lbs. Well Hunny, I can tell you it is not going to happen overnight! You want to make your time frame is something that will be DOABLE! If You want to lose 24 lbs. in six months that is COMPLETELY DOABLE, and you have set yourself up for SUCCESS!


T= Time

PUT A TIME STAMP ON IT!!! You are a priority and so are your dreams and goals. Make sure when you are writing down them down that you give yourself and end date of when the goal should be finished. If you don’t like anything else that is not a priority it slips by the wayside!

Remember set goals SMARTLY!!! If you want to achieve something hold yourself accountable and make it happen. You got to do it for yourself! A few things to remember when you are goal setting:

  1. Write your goals down
  2. Review your goals daily
  3. Do the work!




Lyndsey Bobola understands the struggles of losing weight and getting healthy. She has lost over 65 pounds through her fitness journey. Breaking through the fad diets and exercise routines and giving up excuses, Lyndsey created goals and developed nutrition plans that worked! She gained a healthy lifestyle and now feels better than ever before. As her life improved, Lyndsey developed a passion to help others discover the path to a healthier life.

Now, Lyndsey is here to help clients cut through the noise of Instagram fitness models and fad diets to find real, lasting change. She is here to help people who are ready to improve their life through fitness, health, and life goals.

Scrolling through Instagram accounts of so-called fitness models, Pinterest meal prep ideas, and online workout programs with no scientific backing, Lyndsey realized a majority of fitness ideas online are wrong. They are designed for quick but not lasting results, to make you feel inadequate, or to get your money and leave you hanging. Lyndsey wants to change that through education and hands-on training. Taking no excuses, she provides honest and effective guidance for people who are ready for change.

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Last week I experimented with something on Facebook. I took a big breath, dug deep into my gut to confront my fear, and allowed myself to be vulnerable.


If you are a regular reader, you know that I blog about my personal challenges and the things I struggle with. In other words, I practice being vulnerable on a regular basis. The reason I have been fairly fearless in talking about my personal life is that those stories allow me to share my experience and how to alleviate the stress of those challenges.


However, what I learned from this Facebook experiment is NOT a lesson in how to avoid, counteract or alleviate stress. This time, the lesson was is about embracing the discomfort of being vulnerable!


The thought of this may bring up butterflies in your stomach. That is okay. It brings butterflies to my normally serene self as well!


With that notion in mind, you may be asking, “if even the thought of being vulnerable brings up anxiety, why in the world would I allow myself to be open about it???”


There is a very, simple reason why – it will help you be a stronger person.




Just like any other strength-building exercise, allowing yourself to show your vulnerability takes practice. And as you practice you become stronger.


The fear that most of us experience associated with being vulnerable is that we will appear weak, not strong. But, let me turn that notion upside down for you. What does it take to be vulnerable? It takes courage! And how do we look at courageous people in society? We look at them as strong!


Use this formula in your thinking:

Being vulnerable = courage

Courage = strength

Strength comes with practice/ repetition

Practice/ repetition = resilience




Because I am one of those people who talks with A LOT of other people, I have learned that all people have their insecurities. We all have things we could use a little support with. We all have emotional needs. It’s part of being HUMAN.


When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, it shows to others that you are human – and so are they. There is an incredible freedom in accepting yourself, vulnerabilities and all. There is a deep sense of relief when we finally take down the walls of false pretense that go hand-in-hand with trying to appear invulnerable.


The courageous act of showing our vulnerability also gives others the motivation to find freedom and relief when they take down their walls of protection against looking vulnerable. Thus, you are not only giving yourself a gift, but you are giving a gift to others as well.





Finally, but most importantly, you open yourself to accepting the support, encouragement and love of others!


In my experimental Facebook post I asked people for prayers for three things. I asked for prayers for my father who has cancer, I asked for prayers for my husband who is having health challenges, and I asked for prayers for the growth of my business.


For some people, this type of request is not anxiety-provoking in the least. I have friends who ask for prayers on Facebook all the time. But, for me, it was very, very hard. I am extremely private about my spirituality. If you look back through the dozens of blogs I have written, you will not find any mention of prayer or spirituality. It’s not something I talk about openly.


It was also hard for me to say that I need prayers for my business and my husband. I had so much fear that people would think that my business and/ or marriage are in jeopardy (neither of those are the case). Interestingly enough, there were people who reacted in exactly that way. I had numerous people ask me if I’m okay or tell me that they are worried about me. These responses were made with such love and concern that they made feel supported and cared for!


And there is the most important lesson learned in my experiment in vulnerability:


By allowing myself to be vulnerable I allowed myself to be available to receive the love and support of others!


This was shown not only by the handful of people who expressed concern and worry. But, it was also shown by the 100+ people who gave me “likes” and “loves” and supportive comments! If putting myself out there to be vulnerable means that I am blessed with the support and prayers of over 100 people, I’ll take it!


Remember, having a supportive community is very important for stress management! You can read more about that in my Support Tribe blog series:

How Community Creates a Peaceful Life

Building Your Support Tribe

Where to Find Your Support Tribe

Be courageous!


Build your strength!


Gather Your Tribe!


Be vulnerable!


With All My Affection,


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What Self-Love Really Means


I had the most surprising and delightful a-ha at a networking meeting with a new colleague this week!

Since it was our first meeting, we basically traded life stories and I got to talking about the skills I have and the many things I’ve done…and thought, wow!  I’ve done and can do a lot…

…And yet, if I’m honest, the thought that “I haven’t amounted to much” can creep in — often.

And, I don’t think I’m alone in that, which is why I’m sharing this story with you.


Join Me On A Journey to Being Empowered Through Peace

Join Me On A Journey to Being Empowered Through Peace


I want to encourage and inspire people to go deeper with their inner peace AND deeper with their inner strength!


Happy New Year!

2019 is going to be an AMAZING year! I am making BIG changes here at Peaceful Living Wellness!

And with these changes I am inviting you to JOIN ME on a journey to not only go deeper in finding peace and balance in your life, but also to build INNER STRENTH and CONFIDENCE on that foundation of peace!

Okay, okay, I know… lot’s of CAPS above 🙂 And honestly, I’m not trying to be annoying – LOL. It’s just that I am so excited about what’s going on here at PLW and how my team and I are going to be bringing you more peace, more joy, more balance, more inner strength and more overall EMPOWERMENT!




“Celebrate who you are in your deepest heart. Love yourself and the world will love you!

~ Amy Lee Mercree

Besides your birthday or anniversary, when was the last time you celebrated yourself? And then, even on your birthday, did you really celebrate yourself? Or did you underplay it and tell everyone, “thank you, but it’s not a big deal?”

I want you to close your eyes and go back to a time in your life, perhaps your childhood, where you were really excited about your birthday or another special occasion that was centered on you!

Three Simple Steps to Eating Healthier During the Holidays

Three Simple Steps to Eating Healthier During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time for relaxing with family & friends and attending parties, tree decorating, and annual outings.

All of these activities typically include lots of food and drink that we don’t normally consume, which can wreak havoc on our body! 

How to Reduce Sugar

Sugar is the number one offender! But staying away from sweets at this time of year isn’t easy. We usually consume more sugar than normal, which means our bodies become more acidic than usual.

Did you know that studies show sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine? That means the more we eat, the more we want.

I could make simple recommendations like, “just say no” or “track your weight,” but I actually don’t believe in that type of guidance at the holidays or in everyday life.

When I was addicted to sugar, walking away from cookies and cake was near impossible! Over the years, I’ve found that to reduce the sugar cravings and make the holidays easier to navigate, there’s one thing we can all do: Bulk up on the healthier options at the beginning of the day so the body doesn’t crave the “bad” stuff nearly as much.

This strategy is called “crowding out.” It’s a term I learned when I trained for my health coaching certification. It means that instead of focusing on what you “can’t have,” focus on adding more nutritious foods—which will naturally “crowd out” the non-nutritious options.

Tweetable Waive off cravings for non-nutritious options by bulking up on healthy options early in the day. @staceycrew #healthyholidays

Planning Ahead

Whichever type of party or holiday activity you attend, be sure to plan ahead in terms of what you eat, especially on the day of the party.

Begin by cutting back or eliminating the carbonated drinks and drink more water .

Tweetable Pre-game for holiday parties by eating healthy and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. @staceycrew #healthyholidays

Pre-gaming with healthier options allows you to indulge guilt-free once you’re at the party.  Pre-gaming will also help you avoid the holiday food hangover and actually reduce temptations to overindulge.

Alcohol contains a lot of sugar. So drinking a cocktail is often-times the equivalent to eating a donut. Have one cocktail, glass of wine, or beer followed by a water to rehydrate.

Party Day Strategy

Here are your three strategies for allowing yourself to enjoy the holiday season:

  1. Pre-game with healthy options — On party day, skip the breakfast donuts, eat something hearty like a hard-boiled egg and some oatmeal instead. For lunch, eat a clean salad (add some meat or beans for protein) with an olive oil-based dressing (bottled ones contain a lot of sugar – read the label) and some healthy snacks in between. Go-to healthy snacks include an apple, carrots and hummus, and strawberries. If you’ll be heading to a party directly after work or in the early evening, consider stopping for a juice or a made-from-scratch-smoothie.
  2. Cut-back on carbonated drinks especially diet ones (yes!), are loaded with chemicals that create inflammation in the body and wreak havoc on our digestive tract. One 12-ounce can of diet coke contains 39 grams of sugar. The daily recommended maximum of added sugars per day for women is 25 grams and for men it’s 37.5 grams. So, one 12-ounce can (and most people are drinking 16-oz or 32-oz drinks) of diet coke and you’re already blown your daily sugar intake. Carbonated drinks are one of the main reasons people have trouble losing weight and can’t get rid of the spare tire.
  3. Increase your water intake Again, this is a go-to health booster. Most people are walking around dehydrated and don’t even know it. Better yet, start a warm lemon water routine each morning to lubricate your body’s internal systems. You’ll be amazed at the results by incorporating this one change into your morning routine.

So, choose one of the above and you’ll be way ahead of the game. Now go and enjoy the holiday season!

To get a jumpstart on the New Year, download my FREE 3-Day Jumpstart to eliminate sugar, gain more energy, and eat clean.


Stacey Crew is “The Kitchen Health Coach” based in Charleston, South Carolina. She is a Certified Wellness Coach & published Author, and owner of Stacey Crew Wellness. She helps individuals achieve their health goals through a 4-prong approach of understanding the individual’s wellness needs, educating on specific topics, empowering the individual to make informed decisions, and providing accountability—all in a supportive environment. Stacey is an Amazon best-selling author of The Organized Mom: Simplify Life for You & Baby One Step at a Time and author of the soon-to-be-released Nourish You! Transform You & Your Kitchen for Healthier Eating.

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